“The Cloud Dress” || Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012 
"1. On our second date, I laughed so hard I burped
And you laughed so hard at me
that you nearly fell off the bed.
2. I didn’t bring a jacket to the fireworks so you leant me yours.
And you kissed me even though I cried.
You didn’t make me tell you why,
Because you knew I didn’t even know myself.
3. You danced naked at midnight when the year changed,
And you dragged me off the sofa to waltz around the living room so fast
I started to see stars.
4. You saw my tiger stripes
And you bathed them,
Kissed them,
And wrapped them in bandages.
Then you made me a cup of tea and put on the telly,
So that I forgot it hurt.
5. You told me you loved me
In your sleep."
— Five ways I knew you were the one. (via stayproud-littleowl)

(via whynotjustbeawesome)


Versace 1995. Madonna by Mario Testino

Shoes at Chanel S/S 2006 

sleeping beauty